Fun Spot Orlando

Me and Keith, he does Orlando Pest Control, spent the day at Fun Spot in Orlando. It is located just a few miles away from Disney World. Fun Spot is considered a hidden gem. It only started out as a go-kart track but has grown into much more than that over the years. Fun spot offers many unique features that you will not find anywhere else in Orlando. It offers free admission, free wifi, and free parking. It is a must-visit park that offers great value for money experience.

Florida’s Fun Spot America Orlando Theme Park is amazing. Featuring many intriguing attractions and rides as well as food concession stalls and the great Gator Spot. Night times are fabulous with the whole park lit up against the night sky. Take advantage of the Orlando theme park in all its glory after the sun has set. See the rides flashing and enjoy the fun of the fair. Browse at your own speed and treat the family to a day, or night experience here. The park is quite reasonably priced as well.

Look out for special offers too, which are frequently available with Fun Spot America Orlando theme park. Also, be aware that some rides have height restrictions in place as a safety measure that must be adhered to.

Main Attractions

There is a host of attractions available at Fun land.

  • Fun Spot America Orlando Gator Spot

Collaborating for a mind-blowing exhibit, Gatorland and Fun Spot America Orlando present to you the Gator Spot. A great area of the theme park where you can come and see the alligators. The vast oasis that is home to both crocodiles and alligators is spread over 15,000 square feet. Inside the water body, you can see the famous Leucistic Alligator living merrily. He is a white alligator living amongst more than one hundred other alligators here. Feeding time for the alligators is at 16:00 daily and is an awesome experience not to be missed. Gator Spot is an extremely popular exhibit at the theme park and visitors are constant.

  • Kiddie Swing

Come and have a turn on the Kiddie Swing and relax as the ride turns around as you sit comfortably in your chair. Feel the wind on your face as you swing through the air on this pleasant and relaxing ride. See the children smiling and waving as they pass you by on each rotation. A great opportunity to take photographs of your children enjoying the ride in the Florida sunshine. A pleasurable photograph makes the memory last forever. Bring the kids for a turn on this classic family favorite,  rotational fairground ride. Besides, you can have a five-minute rest whilst they are entertained too.

  •  Super Trucks

Bright and colorful Super Tucks is another classic fairground favorite with the youngsters. Gorgeous green and yellow, sparkly trucks are coupled together and set in motion on the second rotational ride. Take a place in the driver’s seat and steer your wheel in turn with the track navigation. Or take a seat in the back of the truck and relax as you watch the convoy moving around the circuit. There are horns to toot as you ride too, which are very popular with the children who ride. Hear the children both cheering and laughing as they circle the Super Truck tracks.

  • Tea Cups

Swirl and whirl away in the Tea Cups ride and enjoy the gentle spinning around the circuit. Take your seat with family and friends as well as other children on the fabulous spinning teacups. Sit back and enjoy as the attendants gently spin your cup as the ride rotates and naturally turns you too. Up to four children can ride in the same cup and the steering wheel in the center can be turned to spin yourself faster too. Get your whole tea party to spin for dizzying pleasures.

  • Happy Swing

Take a ride on the Happy Swing here and enjoy a sway back and forth of a gentle nature. The ride seats six children and is classed as a low-level thrill ride too. Watch as the children are rocked backward as well as forwards in yet another family favorite fairground classic ride. There are one or two tummy tickling moments to be had here. Listen to the giggling and squealing as the children struggle to contain their excitement. One or two of the braver youngsters throw their hands in the air as they swing, but again squealing with excitement too. A perfect ride for the daredevils, who are too small for the major rides.

  • Carousel

A Fun Fair would not be complete without the Carousel. Come and see for yourself. It is one of the most popular rides of any fairground going back centuries. Choose your mount and climb aboard. The rotating floor spins as the horses bounce up and down with each rotation. Great family fun on a relaxing ride where you can feel the breeze on your skin as you ride. Perfect for families to ride together or against one another too. The nostalgic music adds to the atmosphere. Take a ride on the carousel horses and wave to the spectators as you glide passed them on a velvety smooth journey from your mount. Sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride.

  • Screamer

Are you brave enough to ride the Screamer? The ride is set as a moderate thrill experience and draws in children who long for the thrill too. The carriage slowly ascends, climbing up the vertical frame with its passengers. From the top of the frame, you can see some fabulous views of Orlando surrounding the park. Don’t get too relaxed yet though as the ride suddenly and without warning, drops you back down towards the ground. Cheering and excited gasps can be heard as the Screamer alternates the motion and direction by constantly raising and dropping the carriages of excited passengers as the stomachs are fluttering at the experience. Lasting for several minutes, the riders are subject to this moderate thrilling experience of plunging at speeds that make both gasps of pleasure, and legs involuntarily swinging out. Great fun for the children as a transition ride of ages!

  • SkyCoaster

Being a sister to the SkyCoaster in Kissimmee and also the second-tallest SkyCoaster in the World, riding here is another major thrill. Set as a high thrill experience ride, the SkyCoaster certainly lives up to its reputation. Are you brave enough to take on the SkyCoaster? With room for three riders at once, take your place on the platform at the foot of the ride. You can choose to ride with family members or friends too. Fitted with a special flight-suit that is both harnessed and checked for safety before you ride. Step into the small lift and prepare to be winched upwards to 250 feet above the ground. From the top, you can see the full beauty of Orlando. Wait for the tannoy to announce that launch is imminent and get ready mentally. Soar across the park in free flight and experience the ultimate thrill.

  • Scramblur

The exciting Scramblur has no exceptions to the height restrictions as the speed and nature of the ride are set as a moderate thrill level experience. Once seated in the carriages that hold two, get ready for some fast-paced fun. The ride rotates in two separate directions at the same time to maximize the thrill experience. The carriages spin around freely and the building momentum changes the direction without warning. Throw your hands in the air and bring on the excitement. Can you handle the giddy stomach and head-spinning nature of the Scramblur?

Dining at Fun Spot

Dining options at Fun Spot America Orlando is located at the SkyDiner. They prepare and serve delicious snacks and fast food to consume on the go. The staff here are both warm and friendly too.

They sell all the American classics like burgers, fries, and hot dogs as well as cold salads and sandwiches. They also offer subs which are a great choice too. You can choose to eat either inside the air-conditioned diner or outside in the small seating area.

The atmosphere is both relaxed and casual. Milkshakes are available too, as well as a range of other soft drinks. Hot beverages are also available. Perfect for a well-earned pit stop to feed and water the family. Make the most of a full day experience at Fun Spot America Orlando and stop for refreshments at the wonderful SkyDiner.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a local fun spot Orlando is a must-visit place for you. It offers a plethora of rides and has a great dining option and all of that without breaking the bank. It is truly a hidden gem when it comes to theme parks in Orlando. It has safe options for kids to have fun and thrill rides for adults to enjoy. It is a great park that you must visit whenever you get the chance.

If you ever need Orlando Pest Control, go visit my friend Keith. He will treat you right.

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